The Kitchen Muse shares her ‘Native Jollof Rice’ Recipe | Watch

On Saturday, we shared some amazing reasons why we think White rice should be more celebrated than Jollof (you can check out that post here). Jollof Rice is trying to make a comeback and this time, Bukie of Kitchen muse is the frontman. In a new video she shares her special recipe for native Jollof Rice….

#BonangTurns30: A night of Bliss, Ballerinas and Pure Beauty!

The Queen B celebrated her 30th birthday with family and friends at the Summer Place, Hyde Park and it was an amazing affair.  #BonangTurns30 was planned by Luxury events planner, Precious and it was spectacular sight to behold with celebrities, chandeliers and champagne! Bonang stepped into the grand hall with her parents and danced to…