#PlaneBae: How a Matchmaker Brought Two People Together Mid-air


The story of #PlaneBae is one of love and being at the right place at the right time – the super sweet viral story of how two lovers travelling from New York to Dallas, helped two strangers enjoy a long flight and find love on a plane.

In this story, actress and content creator, Rosey,  was travelling with her boyfriend, unfortunately, their seats were not on the same aisle, they were booked to sit in front of each other. They didn’t like this and Rosey pleaded with the lady (Helen) beside her to swap seats with her boyfriend, so they could be together. Helen didn’t hesitate and that was the defining moment for what turned out to be a really interesting flight.

When Rosey swapped the seats, she told her boyfriend that she hopes the sweet lady meets the man of her dreams on the flight. Then out came Euan Holden, her new seatmate and that was when things started to get interesting. Euan and Helen hit it off immediately and found out they shared a lot of things in common.

Here’s why this story is so interesting; Rosey shared the entire story as it was unfolding on her social media pages – Instagram stories and a Twitter thread. In no time, her followers were sharing photos of themselves waiting for the rest of the #PlaneBae love tale. It was beautiful.

Rosey documented their every interaction – when they shared family photos, when they talked about their moms, when they shared their food order, when they left for the bathroom together.

Now, this is just a part of the thread. It is so beautiful that I’m sure you’ll want to read it to the end here.


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