Exploring Western Nigeria one State at a time! All the Photos from the #BeWET tour to Osun State

Nigeria is indeed a beautiful place but if we condition ourselves to the triangular lives of our Offices, Places of worship and our homes, how will we get to experience it in its entirety?

Food for thought.

We went on a ‘Bourgie Life’ trip to Osun state and I must say it’s still one of my most surreal experiences to date.

So, on Friday, March 30th, 2018, we set off as a group of tourists to Osun State and we stopped at the first tour sites on the Bourgie Western Easter Tour – Ile Ife. It was here that we visited the Moremi Statue and the Opa Oranmiyan aka Oranmiyan staff. We met a couple of custodians who enlightened us on the history of the Oranmiyan staff and how he ruled his people. Videos from that experience will soon be live on my channel.

Our next stop was Osogbo and it was amazing! Saturday morning had us visit the Ata Oja of Osogbo’s palace where we had a sit down with the chiefs who gave us a rich cultural lecture. From there we went to the Osun Osogbo grove. Fam, there’s a lot of cultural history in those places! No wonder the grove is a UNESCO heritage site.

Then there was the waterfall. Talk about saving the best for last.

Ilesha houses the Erin Ijesha waterfall aka Olumirin waterfall. We could hear the rush of the water from miles away and when we got closer it was even more majestic. It was here that my Bourgie tourists let their hair (even weaves) down and just got to enjoy the water in all of its goodness. Sadly, we were too tired to go beyond the 2nd floor and that was where we ended it. The videos are litttt trust me!

A lot of friendships were made and people had a lot of fun on this tour. A lot! There was also so much to eat and drink and I can’t wait till we do this again.

Speaking of doing this again the first draft ofThe Bourgie Life 2018 Tour Calendar is here. Please take a look and watch this space for a more updated version.

I’ll now let you enjoy some of the photos so you can see what you missed from #BeWET.

At the Oranmiyan Staff and the Statue of Moremi in Ile-Ife

Because Wakanda Forever

At the Ata-Oja of Osogbo’s Palace

At the Osun Osogbo Grove

At the Olumirin Waterfall

More Photos

Two water nymphs having conversation

Photo credit: Moyosore Sosan – @moyoso_re


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