Fun all the Way! See Photos from The Bourgie Tour to Lufasi Park, Ajah


Did you know that the Lufasi Nature Park actually means Lekki Urban Forest and Animal Sanctuary? It’s such a beautiful place, once you overlook the distance to the place – at a point, I thought we had crossed over to Cameroon.

I digress.

So we had the second Bourgie Tour and first of the year on Saturday, February 17th, 2018 and it was a good one. Young people from different fields came together to chill, eat good food, laugh, play games and just enjoy themselves. It was a really beautiful experience.

We got to the Lufasi park and were shown the different animals present on-site and they were all beautiful – monkeys, horses, ducks, birds, and not to forget the man-made lakes and fauna. The Director of the park , Dr Dipo Majekodunmi was on-hand to tell a little about the park since it’s inception 3 years ago. Various animals that were rescued from terrible conditions have all found solace at the park and it was quite easy to see that they were thriving.

Dr Dipo Majekodunmi

We need more places like this in Nigeria so that we don’t get reports of poachers killing off some of our prized jewels.

Special thanks to Moyosore Sosan– she really went above and beyond to make sure this trip was a success and words are not  enough to help me describe all that she did to make this possible. Here’s to doing more great things with your amazing support. Leggo to Osun for Easter!

To each and everyone who came on the tour Wale, Lekan, Wale (yes, there were two), Adejoke, Damilola, Damilare, Dipo, Rotimi and Busayo, thank you for giving me one day of your life and thank you for enjoying yourself.

Until the Bourgie Western Easter Tour, I’ll let you enjoy the photos from the trip – they were captured by Moyosore (another reason to prove that she is the bomb dot com). If you want to be the first to know about the details, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – @TheBourgieLife.


Legendary Lufasi Park Walkway

Beautiful people…

The-Bourgie-Life-Lufasi-Park-Visit-February-2018 (3)
The-Bourgie-Life-Lufasi-Park-Visit-February-2018 (7)
The-Bourgie-Life-Lufasi-Park-Visit-February-2018 (7)
The-Bourgie-Life-Lufasi-Park-Visit-February-2018 (4)
The-Bourgie-Life-Lufasi-Park-Visit-February-2018 (5)
The only photo Moyo sent of herself.. spot her behind the lens
The-Bourgie-Life-Lufasi-Park-Visit-February-2018 (2
The-Bourgie-Life-Lufasi-Park-Visit-February-2018 (8)

The Park

The-Bourgie-Life-Lufasi-Park-Visit-Nature- February-2018 The-Bourgie-Life-Lufasi-Park-Visit-Nature- February-2018 The-Bourgie-Life-Lufasi-Park-Visit-Nature- February-2018 The-Bourgie-Life-Lufasi-Park-Visit-Nature- February-2018 The-Bourgie-Life-Lufasi-Park-Visit-Nature- February-2018

More Photos…

Photography: Moyosore – @moyoso_re
Venue: Lufasi Nature Park – @lufasipark
Tour organizer: Jadesola Odujole – @djadesola


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