Six Months Pregnant and Killing it – Sarah Stage is Causing a Major Buzz on the Internet Right Now!

Sometimes you need to thank Instagram explore for bringing you close to a lot of people and cool things, new best friend – Sarah Stage. Yes, I am attaching to her because I need some of this goodness to rub off on me.

Sarah is a 33 year old Fitness expert, Author and Model. According to her bio on hrr website –, she:

  • has modeled for well-known brands such as Guess Jeans, Kohls, Buffalo Jeans, Fredricks of Hollywood, Jockey Underwear, and Puma
  • captivated the world by sharing her “new mom-to-be” lifestyle on social media when she became pregnant in 2015
  • started a blog called Stage Mama to share her journey of pregnancy and mother-hood.

She is married and has a son called James and her social media pages speak of her love for him and her husband. 

Sarah announced her pregnancy at five months and her photos have gone viral on Twitter and Instagram with people putting up photos of their own bump when they were at the current stage she is in. When I drink water, my stomach is bigger than that.

Sarah at full bloom- 9 months:

See some of her recent photos:

This is her when she was pregnant with little James. 

If you still need any motivation to be fit, I think this is it.

Photo credit: Sarah Stage – @sarahstage


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