Cheerful and Free! See Photos from Samantha John’s #Thisis40Paris Shoot | Arminta McKinney Photography

Samantha- McElhaney-John-Arminta-McKinney-The-Bourgie-Life-July-2017 (1)
Serving Looks!

Nothing beats celebrating life with family and friends. Samantha McElhaney John knows that and so she decided to celebrate a huge milestone – 40 beautiful years – with friends and family in the city of Paris.

She didn’t just do that though, she went onto have a Paris-themed birthday shoot featuring a Beret (fashion), Grand Piano (music) as well as a very hearty smile. We saw the beautiful photos and reached out to the photographer responsible for capturing such amazing images, Arminta Mckinney and they both have some words for us.

Here’s what the birthday girl Samantha had to say:
At 40 years old, I’m feeling more free, happier and balanced in life so I decided to travel to Paris, France with 16 of my family and friends for my milestone birthday. I’ve always worked with Arminta to capture all the special moments in my family’s life. Since we are going to Paris, I called my Stylist/Amkeup Artist and told her I am doing a shoot and I wanted her to style me to capture the essence of who I am as a mother, wife and Opera singer, where we are going and an out of the box look because at 40 I feel like I’m exploring a new chapter in my life and stepping more out the box. The shoot was amazing and its always a pleasure working with an Creative team with such a wonderful spirit.

We also asked Arminta McKinney to share what inspired the shoot:
Mandy’s done a few things throughout this year leading up to her birthday and as her trip to celebrate her birthday in Paris is approaching, she wanted to prepare with a photography session to capture the essence of who she is and where she’s celebrating her 40th Birthday.

See photos from the shoot:

Samantha- McElhaney-John-Arminta-McKinney-The-Bourgie-Life-July-2017 (3)Samantha- McElhaney-John-Arminta-McKinney-The-Bourgie-Life-July-2017 (2)Samantha- McElhaney-John-Arminta-McKinney-The-Bourgie-Life-July-2017 (3)Samantha- McElhaney-John-Arminta-McKinney-The-Bourgie-Life-July-2017 (2)Samantha- McElhaney-John-Arminta-McKinney-The-Bourgie-Life-July-2017 (1)

Photographer: Arminta McKinney Photography | @amphotobyam
Chicha P.A. Barnes
Makeup: M.K.Ngenge | @starrmaven
Wardrobe Styling Assistant: Krystal D. Waiters – Waiters Serves Style | @waitersservesstyle


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  1. AnDraea says:

    I’m loving EVERYTHING about this! Congratulation Mandy!


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