Ms Marsha looks Amazing at 64! See Photos from her Fun Birthday Shoot

Ms-Marsha-64th-Birthday-Yolanda-Solomon-Photography-The-Bourgie-Life-2017-001 (4)

We came across this viral tweet on Twitter and we just had to share @_rainincali‘s Grandmum’s birthday photos! Ms Marsha is 64 and killing it!

Queen T teamed up with photographer Yonata Solomon for a birthday shoot and we see the birthday girl (yes!!!) change into a number of outfits and she looks amazing!

See more of her photos here:

Ms-Marsha-64th-Birthday-Yolanda-Solomon-Photography-The-Bourgie-Life-2017-001 (5)Ms-Marsha-64th-Birthday-Yolanda-Solomon-Photography-The-Bourgie-Life-2017-001 (3)Ms-Marsha-64th-Birthday-Yolanda-Solomon-Photography-The-Bourgie-Life-2017-001 (1)Ms-Marsha-64th-Birthday-Yolanda-Solomon-Photography-The-Bourgie-Life-2017-001 (2)Ms-Marsha-64th-Birthday-Yolanda-Solomon-Photography-The-Bourgie-Life-2017-001 (6)

Photography: Weupnexxt | Yonata Solomon

Makeup: Cece | thefashionceesta


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