These Photos Prove that White Rice and not Jollof is the Real Bae!

Bourgie Greetings everyone!

The rainy week gave me plenty of time to think and it led me to the conclusion that White Rice is indeed the most underrated dish of the rice clan. Many times people make a case for Jollof Rice on Social Media and in real life but they forget the humble beginnings. The times when there was no tomato paste to put in rice. Which meal kept you company in those trying times, White Rice!


They have even made a meme encouraging people to not allow anyone treat them like White Rice. We greet you and we say #wehdonesir! I am White Rice with bomb Buka stew and plenty of proteinous obstruction and Dodo to mesmerize the eyes.


I don’t know where the dish originated from but whoever thought of the Bomb combination of White Rice and stew, I hail thee. One day, we might go into the history of white rice but that day is not today.

Today I will try to make you rethink your stance on Jollof being Bae because White Rice IS Bae:

With correct buka stew and meat that has drank pepper aka stew, you must be ready to say a hallelujah after eating this.


You can’t pay homage to White rice and stew without some Ayamase goodness can you? There was a time at Owambes that Ofada rice and stew was considered as the elite’s food because it was only for a select few. It was usually rolled out after the Jollof Rice and Fried Rice but not for everybody o! If you were not an intimate friend of the family, just don’t bother.


While in school, I had this friend that used to say something after getting full from eating rice and beans with stew “Omo ale ni Rice ati Ewa” which simply means she over enjoyed the meal. This right here is it.


Good ol’ rice and chicken stew is gorgeous to behold and even better to consume. I could write a dirge on this but I’m sure you get what I am saying. “Are you understanding me now?”


Ah! Local stew aka obe iru. This one too is good. Just eat, drink fanta and go and sleep. Especially when it is made with palm oil and Panla fish (I don’t know the English name o). Olayinka Odujole, just report yourself here.



Now have you ever tried Jollof and Efo Riro? No? yes? But we’re sure you can attest to the deliciousness of Rice and Efo riro aka Kale Stew.


Now if you are tired of always eating rice and stew, veggie sauce is a way to switch it up, you can call it veggie stew too.


Sometimes, you can decide to go local with Ofe Akwu aka Banga soup and that my dear, is the I tried it in NYSC camp and that night, for the first time in 2 weeks, my stomach gave me a high five.


Then when you decide that you want to bring in the abroad to your rice game and you call on the curry gods. Seafood is always bae, please don’t argue.


When I was growing up, I used to love any Saturday that we eat Moimoi in the morning, because I know that my mom will keep an extra cup for everyone for Sunday rice. Now that combo, Rice and Stew and Moi moi is epic!


White Rice and Fish Stew, I almost forgot! My elder sister is a fish person and so this is her thing. Now for me, Mackerel aka Titus, Catfish and Croaker ( I don’t know the English name) are my go-to favs.


With these few points of mine, I hope I have been able to convince you of the supremacy of White Rice.


Which of these do you absolutely loveand which of them have you are open to trying out. Let us know in the comment section and on Social Media.

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Photo Credits: Foodlandfairy | Foodace | Dooneyskitchen | Sisi_Jemimah | Kscuisine | Odim Farms | Matse Cooks |


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