10 Awesome Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day


So far, we have had two Mother’s Day celebrations in 2017 and we really celebrated our mothers but guess what? We are celebrating our Fathers today!

While giving your father a really cool mug or card might have worked in the past, I think now will be the time for you to step up your game in gift giving this year. Your Father has been an amazing role model in your life and giving him a gift he will appreciate and actually use is more than likely the least you can do.

If you are married and you are also thinking of a special Father’s Day gift for your husband, this list should help you make a decision as well. Don’t forget that fathers-in-law and grandpas deserve gifts too.

Spa Day Out:
Everyone deserves some time getting their skin pampered and as long as Daddy does not have issues being touched by strangers, he should love this as well. Book him a deal at a great spa or massage parlour and let him enjoy getting pampered.

Upgrade his Grooming Kit/ Toiletries He has probably used the same toiletries and tools for a while and now might be a good time to change it. Change his clippers, introduce him to Kamari Luxe if you please and upgrade his entire man kit.


Personalised Gift Items
You can have a sentimental message printed on a journal, mug, cushion, duvet etc. If he is a granddad, have the little ones write out sweet notes to him and you can have them on gift items. He is definitely going to get mushy.

Help him get a Clean Health Bill
Dads sometimes caught up with life that they often forget to take care of themselves. Book a Doctor’s appointment for him and make sure he has a full body check. If that’s on the high side, take him for a prostate check or have him do a blood presure/sugar levels etc. The healthier he is, the longer he is likely to live.

Gift Basket
You can use this to indulge his sweet tooth by getting a few snacks and sweet things in a basket or you can pick a number of things from our list and throw them together in a basket. Either way, he will appreciate it.

Whimsical Socks and Underwear
This could be your little secret. Give him some underwear with coconuts on them or colourful striped socks and watch his face light up everytime he is picking out his wardrobe. He’ll always smile anytime he looks at it.

As simple as this, it works every time! Get him his favourite scent or something similar so that he van switch it up.

Father-Daughter/Son Day Out
He probably works so, so hard and might have not taken a much-deserved vacation in a while. Take him to the beach or to see a movie – Isoken just came out and y’all can have a few laughs over popcorn. Better still, take him to a hotel for the weekend where you can wine and dine him without mum’s prodding and fussing.

Portable Exercise Gear
This works especially when he barely has time to work out. You can get pull out bars, dumbells and the likes so he can keep fit at leisure.

Need Based Gifts
There might be something that he has been thinking of getting and you can buy it so as to relieve him of the stress. A new car, phone or something that be replaced. It shows you you care and are attentive to his needs.


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