Unusual Triplets, All three of this Mom’s Kids Share the same Birthday! 

Chizzy-Denzel-Zina-Onuoha-June-10-Babies-The-BourgieLife (3)

Can you imagine if all three of your kids shared the same birthday? Well, the Onuohas did not imagine it but all three of their kids were born on the 10th of June and get this, they are not triplets!

Their births span across different years and this makes them ‘unusual triplets’!

Chizzy-Denzel-Zina-Onuoha-June-10-Babies-The-BourgieLife (2)

We came across the incredible and very beautiful story of the Onuohas and reached out to the mom of the ‘unusual triplets, Elohor and this is what she had to say.

My story actually started on June 10th 2007 when I had my first daughter Chizitere who we call Chizzy. She was born on her EDD (Expected Date of Delivery).

Two years later in 2009 my EDD was for May 19th but my boy did not come in time. My doctor said let’s give him 1 week or so, yet no show. Long story short, I was booked to be induced on  June 12th. Lo and behold he came on his sister’s birthday. Doctors and nurses joked that he was waiting for his sister’s day. The lovely boy is Denzel.

I had two lovely kids and I was done.

That was what she thought. Apparently God had other plans 😁. She continues:

5 yrs later my kids disturbed me for a sibling and I said let’s try one more time and my hubby was fine with it. This time her EDD was July 10th and boy, was I glad! I really wanted a different birthday party but Zina came way before her day on her siblings’ birthday.

All births were unplanned and through natural deliveries. She says “It is God’s doing”

It’s been wonderful so far – the attention and all but my hubby and I run like mad people in school when the kids are having a school party, because you know we only have limited time given to parents.

On the bond between her kids,

Chizzy, Denzel and Zina are inseparable.

Thank you for sharing with us, Mr and Mrs Chinedu & Elohor Onuoha.

See more of their lovely photos:

Chizzy-Denzel-Zina-Onuoha-June-10-Babies-The-BourgieLife (6)Chizzy-Denzel-Zina-Onuoha-June-10-Babies-The-BourgieLife (2)Chizzy-Denzel-Zina-Onuoha-June-10-Babies-The-BourgieLife (5)Chizzy-Denzel-Zina-Onuoha-June-10-Babies-The-BourgieLife (4)


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