Cake Smash Time! See Jemmy Bank’s Cute ‘Half’ Birthday Photos

Jemmy Banks The Bourgie Life

Happy half year birthday to adorable little princess Jemmy! This little beauty is so cute and what better way to celebrate 6 months of her birth than a lovely Photo session.

Her mummy and daddy were with her for the shoot and she had different themes including a cake smash session.

See for yourself

Jemmy-Banks-6-Months-Birthday-The-Bourgie-Life-June-2017 (3)Jemmy-Banks-6-Months-Birthday-The-Bourgie-Life-June-2017 (2)Jemmy-Banks-6-Months-Birthday-The-Bourgie-Life-June-2017 (4)Jemmy-Banks-6-Months-Birthday-The-Bourgie-Life-June-2017 (1)Jemmy-Banks-6-Months-Birthday-The-Bourgie-Life-June-2017 (5)Jemmy-Banks-6-Months-Birthday-The-Bourgie-Life-June-2017 (6)

Mommy: Temitope Bankole | @teezradiance59
Cake: The Cakerholic | @gladdeoscake
Photography: Diamond Shots Photography | @diamondshots_photography


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