McClure Family Vlogs: Mama is having a Baby (Twins’ Reaction)

McClure Twins Ava and Alexis The Bourgie Life

From our Instagram page, you can tell we love, love the McClure Twins Ava and Alexis and even Mama and Papa Mcclure. They are all so cute!

They recently shared that they are expecting another addition to their family and you can Β trust that their little girls will be very hands-on while they are preparing for their latest addition.

Let’s play catch up and watch their fun videos:

Ava and Alexis react to Mama McClure telling them she’s having a baby. The girls learn they will be big sisters? Do they want a brother or sister?!

Ava and Alexis give Mama McClure a tour of their favorite park and playground.

The girls pick out their clothes – they like to dress the same. Also, they help Mama clean out the car (it was filthy). Pregnancy update! and Papa McClure randomness πŸ™‚

The girls cook for the baby!

Take your guess, boy or a girl? Will Ava and Alexis have a little brother or a little sister? Find out here….Gender Reveal πŸ˜€


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