10 things you can do with a Mason jar that will Make things Easier in your daily life

The trusted mason jar  — we use it to store food and leftovers but do you know it can be used for so much more?

From makeshift organizers to wedding favours, here are our top 10 ways you can utilize this piece of glassware.

Get organized.

A row of mason jars hanging on the wall can be used to store small objects. This is especially good in the bathroom for cotton swabs, makeup brushes, or toothbrushes . They can also be used in the kitchen to store spices and condiments.

Make your drinks look fancy.

Everyone loves drinking out of mason jars, but you can make it even easier by DIYing a to-go cup by fitting a clean lid to the top of the jar. Dip in a straw and enjoy, and close it up once you’re done for zero spills.

Store homemade jams and preserves.


If you find making your own jam at home an easy task, then Mason jars are very effective food storage systems. If you’re a total novice at this, click here.

Use them to make vases.

If you love having fresh flowers around you but you cannot be bothered to buy fancy jars, you can convert your mason jar to a handy vase. For a large mason jar, fill it with water and then add your flowers, or a single flower if the jar is small.

Create Salads to go.


Start off by layering the salad dressing on the bottom, the heavier ingredients in the middle, and finish off with the lettuce on top. Your lovely, easy and healthy salad is ready. Click here to learn the tricks.

Serve your breakfast in a jar.

You can make your favourite yoghurt parfaits to eat in the morning ahead of time and store in mason jars for an easy breakfast on the go. Remember to think layers as you build it with yogurt and fruit mixed evenly.

Chic, hanging mason jar lights.


Instead of basic and boring hanging lights, spice things up a bit with mason jars. All you need to is make sure the jars have the right opening size to fit your light bulb base. Click here to see how to do this in detail.

Peel garlic.

This has made its rounds on social media and it never hurts to try new methods of doing things. A YouTube video shows this as a fast way to peel an entire head of garlic in a few seconds: Grab an empty mason jar, stick in the head of garlic, and shake. Pour the contents out and you’ll be left with perfectly peeled garlic.

As Salt and Pepper Shakers

Get fancy and creative by painting small mason jars to use as Shakers for some if your go to spices and herbs. Punch holes in the top of the jar lids so you can shake out the content. They can also be used as really cute wedding favors.


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