He is so Cute! Adanna of AdannaDavid shares Adorable Photos of her Son Kian for his 1st Birthday


Yaaay, Baby Kian is 1!

For those who watch Adanna, David and Kian of the AdannaDavid vlogs on YouTube, you would know that there has been a lot of excitement building up to this moment when their little “doughnut” turned 1.


Lifestyle Vlogger Adanna shared adorable photos of her husband David, and little Kian at his 1st birthday party.

Check out all the fun photos:


Watch their latest vlog here:

Photo credit: Instagram/Adanna_David


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  1. Well done, Jadesola. This is really really COOL,! I mean, eveerrrythiiiiing! I’m inspired. Well done. Miss reading “you” on BN though.


    1. missjadesola says:

      Thank you! Don’t worry there’s more to come in 2017. 😘😘😘


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