10 Times we Have Enjoyed The McClure Twins’ Cuteness


Very cute and bright, they are the dynamic duo that have stolen our hearts with their smiles and confidence.

Who are we talking about? It’s none other than the fierce three year-old divas, Ava and Alexis Mcclure.

These cuties have been featured in numerous publications such as Huffington Post, DailyMail, ABC News and even appeared on Good Morning America.

Their parents Aminat and Justin Mcclure gave their reasons for filming them in their interview with DailyMail

‘We started filming the twins so that in the future they have something to look back on and see who they were.

‘People stop us in the street all the time to tell us how adorable they are.

‘I really think they’ve got a bright future ahead of them.’

One of the videos that has stolen our hearts is one in which Ava was comforting her sister Alexis for feeling bad for being 1-minute younger. So Cute!

Here are some of their videos that have given us so much joy:

1) When they helped their Dad surprise their Mother Aminat with a diamond ring! They were so excited and tried in their undercover role:

2) When the Sassy twins told their Dad off in hilarious hunger-fuelled rant for eating their muffins and goldfish! – before banishing him to the guest room ‘to think about what he’s done’

3) When the girls decide how they feel about sharing…they say it’s hard to share and listen. Ava will fight if someone takes from her and Alexis has a story about a cat who shares with a little girl…

4) When their parents talk about the differences in Ava and Alexis making us want to meet them all the more.

5) When Ava and Alexis tried to trick their mom – who is who? Let them know if they tricked. And…Ava wants to stay small but Alexis wants to be bigger…but she doesn’t want a fat belly. They both want to be mermaids…and a unicorn.

6) When they criticized their dad’s singing. The girls aren’t happy with Dad’s made-up versions of their favorite nursery rhymes – they speak their mind…and try to come up with a game plan to help

7) When the twins realized that they look the same! They realize they look alike, but then Alexis has a meltdown upon realizing Ava is 1-minute older…but THEN Ava has a meltdown because Alexis is taller!

8) When they told their mum that they Don’t Like her Cooking! So bold for 3 year olds.

9) They also share their friendship with you…Alexis says Ami (mom) can borrow her friends if she needs more, and the girls get silly as usual.

10) Ava and Alexis REALLY want you to know Santa Claus is coming to town…Ava seems ready but Alexis might be scared…also Alexis drops her life philosophy near the end. Always cute and joyful:)

You can check out more of their cuteness on Instagram and YouTube.


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