Highlights from Day 1 & 2 of the GTBank Food and Drink Fair

The 2017 #GTBankFoodDrink Fair took place about a week ago and it had in attendance some of the most prominent Nigerian and International Chefs. They came together to create an amazing culinary experience and it was indeed something. From the SME Corner to the Gourmet meals on demand, everything was top-notch and if you missed…

Blooming at 6 Months! See Photos from Baby Teju’s Adorable Shoot

Cuteness overload! Baby Teju Zahra Olanigan turns 6 months today and her photo shoot is oh so so cute! We see Teju’s adorable smile while her Mom and Dad proudly show her off in a very creative photo shoot. See all her photos here: Credit: Photography –  Captured by Adesuwa  Mommy – Ayotola Wale – Olanigan

The Bourgie Life Tips: 9 Things to help you conquer Yoga like a Pro

You have decided that you want to take on yoga to help you have a fit lifestyle but what are they things you need to know.  There is a plethora of resources online and YouTube is a great place to start arming yourself with knowledge. We recommend Yoga with Adrienne.  Little things can hinder the joy…

The Bourgie Food: Learn how to Prepare Frejon with Sisi Yemmie

Sisi Yemmie has shared a recipe for an easy to make Good Friday dish called Frejon. Here’s what she had to say: Frejon is a meal eaten on Good Friday by Catholics in Lagos. The story is that Frejon was imported by Nigerians who went to Brazil back in the day. It is made with…

Kian is starting to talk! Watch a new episode of AdannaDavid vlogs

You know how we love Baby Bumps, Family and Children at Thebourgielife. AdannaDavid have released a new vlog and it shows what they got up to for Mothers Day and Adanna’s week of night shift at the hospital. Also, Kian is starting to talk and we think it’s the cutest! Watch it here:

The Bourgie Food: Learn how to make Seafood Fried Rice with Sisi Yemmie

Don’t you just love seafood? That’s if you are not allergic. Nigerian food and lifestyle blogger Sisi Yemmie has shared a new food tutorial – a recipe for Seafood fried rice. With a mix of calamari, shrimp and some other yummy seafood, this is one to try out this easter. Watch it here: